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White fillings vs Silver fillings

Why tooth colored fillings(composites) instead of amalgams(silver fillings)?

The silver filling has been used in dentistry for 150 years and it saved alot of teeth. Why should we use the new tooth colored fillings called composites?

First of all, the silver filling is composed of about 50% mercury. The rest of the filling is a combination of silver, tin and zinc. It is mixed together in an amalgamator and then pressed into the prepared tooth and allowed to set. Our first problem is that mercury vapors are emitted for a long time and can cause many problems. These mercury vapors are mentioned in kidney diseases, muscle weakness, allergies, sexual dysfunction and even multiple sclerosis. There is a long list of other problems that could occur.

From my experience I believe that some people are sensitive to the mercury and others are not sensitive. I see patients in their 90's with alot of silver fillings in their mouth with no apparent problems. But why use them if we have something better now.

Another problem with the silver mercury filling is expansion and contraction. We see large numbers of teeth that are cracked because of the expansion of the metal when heat is applied to the teeth when eating.

Also the color of a silver mercury filling is not pleasant. They turn very dark over time and the tooth can appear black when smiling.

And lastly, the big reason we don't use the silver mercury filling is that the left over materials after the filling is completed has to get picked up as hazardous waste. I believe if it is hazardous waste why should I put it into someone's mouth.

So in our office we only use composites to fill teeth. They are as strong as the silver mercury filling, they bond the tooth for increased strength and they look like your tooth.

For alot more information google amalgam filling on your computer. You will be surprised of all the things written on this subject.

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