What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding might just be able to fix those small imperfections in your smile.dental bonding

If every time you look in the mirror and smile all you notice is that small gap between your front teeth, little discolorations or even cracks and chips, then you may be longing for a simple and easy way to fix this. This is when you should talk to our Long Beach, CA, dentist, Dr. Joseph DuRoss, about dental bonding.

What is dental bonding?

This technique uses a tooth-colored resin, which is applied over one or more areas of a tooth, molded into place and then hardened with a curing light. Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that is designed to change the appearance of one or more teeth to improve how your smile looks.

When is it used?

There are many times in which to consider getting dental bonding from our Long Beach, CA, cosmetic dentist including:

  • To cover over chips and cracks
  • To hide discolorations
  • To fill gaps between teeth
  • To lengthen a tooth
  • To alter the shape of a tooth
  • To fix a decayed tooth (this same resin can also be used to fill cavities)

What should I expect from the dental bonding procedure?

What makes this a popular option for many people looking to make a minor adjustment to their smile is that it’s non-invasive.

Once we determine that you are ideal for dental bonding, we will choose the proper shade of resin that will blend in with the tooth. Then we will apply a liquid over the tooth that will roughen up the surface so the resin sticks to the tooth more easily.

From there, we will apply the resin and then shape and trim it, as necessary. Once it’s the ideal shape, we will use the light to harden the bonding resin to your tooth. With a final polish your new smile is ready to be shown off!

If you are ready to chat about dental bonding and to find out if you are right for this treatment, then it’s time you called our Long Beach, CA, dental office and scheduled a consultation with us.

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