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Don’t Wait To Treat Bleeding Gums

The sight of blood is a red flag that should not be ignored, as it's a common implication that something is awry. Identifying concerns, like bleeding gums, as early as possible bodes well for successful treatment conducted by your Long Beach, CA, dentist, Dr. Joseph DuRoss.

Causes and Results of Bleeding Gums

When plaque (a coating of clingy bacteria on the surface of your teeth) is not thoroughly removed from the teeth and gums, it begins to build up, forming a hardened calculus (also known as tartar). Untreated bleeding gums are far more likely to lead to gum disease like gingivitis, which is an indication of developing periodontal disease that results in the inflammation of your gums.

Periodontal disease is a harmful infection induced by inflamed gums that greatly damages supporting ligaments in your teeth, gums, and bones. Though treatable and preventable, periodontal disease causes great discomfort for those who experience the symptoms. However, Dr. DuRoss is dedicated to defending against pain caused by plaque buildup and working with you in order to prevent further discomfort.

Prevention and Treatment

Proper oral care is often the first step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth morning and night, as well as flossing daily, actively prevents plaque buildup. Picking up a toothpaste with fluoride or a mouthwash that's approved by your Long Beach, CA, dentist provides additional support against gum disease.

Your at-home oral hygiene practice is essential in fighting plaque, but so is visiting with Dr. DuRoss for your regular dental cleanings and exams. Identifying your concerns early and quickly implementing treatment can significantly lower future risks with your oral and overall health.

Visit Your Long Beach Dentist

Instead of waiting for red flags to indicate that it may be time for your next dental visit with Dr. DuRoss in Long Beach, CA, schedule an appointment with our office by calling (562) 424-8537.

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