Cosmetic Relief Can Be Found For Your Gummy Smile

Your smile says a lot about your confidence. While a smile with two full sets of teeth says “Confident,” a smile tucked away behind too-much-gums leaves many of us feeling self-conscious and unwilling to smile at all. But what can the many Americans suffering from a perpetually "gummy smile" do to lower their gum line while raising their confidence?Gums

Dr. Joseph DuRoss, your expert cosmetic dentist in Long Beach and Lakewood, CA, has the skills and the knowledge for providing real results for your smile. He offers state-of-the-art dental procedures meant to make your grin less gummy and more toothy. Even if cosmetic dental work sounds like a scary proposition for you, the staff on site can help you rest assured by showing you the simplicity behind their techniques for countless gum issues. Whether you're suffering from receding gums, an uneven gum line, or excess gum tissue, each procedure is simple and non-invasive enough to be completed right at the dentist office in Long Beach and Lakewood.

 One of the most common gum procedures includes laser surgery that leaves your mouth with zero open wounds and minimal-at-most discomfort. Even if your gingival problem involves more hands-on work, the healing time usually isn't long. Gingival grafting is one procedure that might have a slightly longer healing period, though, as stitches (usually the dissolving kind) are frequently recommended for minimal scarring during treatment. But even in cases of oral grafts, you'll be able to continue your normal activities within a 24-hour period following the procedure.

 Typically, whatever cosmetic dental procedure you choose requires only a local anesthetic, though laser surgery can come even easier, as many patients need only a topical gel anesthetic.

Getting your gums approved by you is always the goal of Dr. DuRoss, as the Long Beach and Lakewood cosmetic dentist emphasizes predictability and convenience-to-the-patient in all he does. If you're ready to start flashing a confident grin without your gums messing things up, give Dr. Joseph DuRoss in Long Beach and Lakewood, CA a call today for full cosmetic relief!


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