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By Joseph DuRoss, DDS
November 05, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Our many cosmetic dentistry services can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Procedures are available for addressing a wide range of cosmetic issues, such as a chipped tooth or excess spacing between teeth. Dr. Joseph DuRoss, the skilled dentist at our office in Long Beach, CA, can recommend cosmetic dentistry services for your specific smile concerns.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Long Beach offers many benefits, from giving you a smile makeover to boosting confidence. You might even find yourself wanting to smile more after the appearance of problem teeth has been improved with the right procedures. Some of the issues that can be corrected with our cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Excess spacing between teeth
  • Oddly-shaped teeth
  • A gummy smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services at our office in Long Beach. Our knowledgeable dentist can recommend the right procedures to address your specific concerns and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Examples of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer include:

  • Bonding — A procedure for repairing teeth that are cracked or chipped.
  • Porcelain Veneers — Thin laminate covers placed over the front surface of teeth to conceal imperfections, such as cracks, stains, or discolorations, and give teeth a flawless appearance.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings — Dental fillings for restoring teeth affected by decay that have an advantage over metal fillings since they blend in with the natural tooth.
  • Dental Implants — A durable and permanent tooth-replacement option that restores your smile by filling in the gaps caused by tooth loss.

Our cosmetic dentistry services can give you the smile of your dreams. Whatever your specific concern, we have a procedure for correcting the issue. Dr. Joseph DuRoss can match you up with the right services to give you the smile you want. Schedule an appointment to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options by calling our office in Long Beach, CA, at (562) 424-8537.

By Joseph DuRoss, DDS
March 26, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: teeth whitening  

Get a visibly brighter smile in under one hour with professional whitening.

Have you suddenly noticed that your teeth aren’t as white as they once were? Maybe you noticed a more recent photo where your teeth look a little yellow and dull, or you noticed this in the mirror when brushing. Fortunately, our Long Beach, CA, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph DuRoss, can improve the look of your smile with professional teeth whitening—read on to learn more.

What causes yellow stains?

What you eat can greatly impact the color of your teeth. Everything from coffee and black tea or red wine and dark fruits can cause stains to develop over time. After all, enamel is incredibly porous, which means that it soaks in the color of all these foods and drinks. The result? Dull, yellow teeth.

This is where teeth whitening can help.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

While our Long Beach, CA, dentist is happy to recommend dietary changes and whitening toothpastes that could prevent new stains from forming, this won’t exactly tackle the stains that are already there. In this case, professional teeth whitening is probably your best approach for achieving a whiter smile.

In anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, we can brighten your teeth by several shades. That’s because the whitening solution we use contains such a high concentration of stain-fighting ingredients that it breaks down stains and lightens enamel in a much shorter span of time than anything over-the-counter. In some instances, a laser may also be used during your treatment to speed up the process.

Of course, if you don’t like the convenience of whitening on your own schedule then you can also talk to us about our professional-grade, at-home whitening kit. These kits will include customized whitening trays that perfectly fit over your teeth to provide better and more even results than the one-size-fits-most whitening kits that you find over the counter. The whitening gel a dentist can give to you will also be stronger; therefore, you’ll see results in a much shorter amount of time.

Interested? Give us a call

If you are looking for a dentist in Long Beach, CA, that can provide professional teeth whitening services then call our office today at (562) 424-8537 to schedule your consultation.

By Joseph DuRoss, DDS
September 26, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Rejuvenate your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Procedures are available for addressing a wide range of cosmetic concerns, such as repairing cracked or chipped teeth and brightening teeth that are dull or discolored. Our Long Beach cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph DuRoss can recommend the right procedures for addressing your cosmetic concerns.


Bonding is a procedure for repairing cracked or chipped areas of teeth. It can be used to cover cracks or fill in chipped areas. A tooth-colored resin material is applied to the problem area. The resin bonds with the tooth as it dries. Once dry, the resin blends in and looks like part of the natural tooth. Bonding can also be used to cover stains and discolorations or to close small gaps between teeth.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings can rejuvenate your smile in several ways. Composite fillings can be used as a tooth restoration if you have a cavity, and they can be color-matched to your teeth so they blend right in. Composite fillings can also be used to to improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, badly shaped, or poorly aligned. Your dentist in Long Beach can help you decide if composite fillings are the right choice for you.

Porcelain Veneers

You can completely transform your smile by concealing imperfections with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are paper-thin covers placed over the front surface of teeth to create a flawless new look. Since porcelain closely resembles tooth enamel, veneers look completely natural once they are placed on the teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to cover chips, cracks, stains, and discolorations. They can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are oddly shaped, as well as to close small gaps between teeth.

If you are not completely happy with your smile, rejuvenate it with cosmetic dentistry. A dentist can recommend the right procedures to help you improve your smile. To schedule an appointment with Dr. DuRoss, your Long Beach, CA, dentist, call the office at (562) 424-8537.

By Joseph DuRoss, DDS
June 18, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: veneers  

Are there things that you wish you could change or improve about your smile? You aren't alone! From stains and discolorations to chips veneersand gaps, feeling unhappy or insecure about how your teeth look is a common problem for both men and women of all backgrounds. Fortunately, Dr. Joseph DuRoss, your dentist in Long Beach, CA, offers porcelain veneers to help fix these aesthetic issues and more!

Upgrade Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Veneers are razor-thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the surfaces of teeth and molded to fit the unique size, shape, and color of your smile. The porcelain matches the texture and color of a natural tooth, so the results are both discreet and aesthetically attractive.

Veneers are a good option to correct a number of common cosmetic issues to the front teeth, including:

  • Deep stains and discolorations that originate at the dentin layer but can't be removed with surface whitening treatments
  • Small to moderate chips and cracks
  • Gaps and spacing
  • Uneven or misshaped teeth
  • Strengthen a fractured or weak tooth

A thin layer of the tooth's enamel usually has to be removed to make room for the veneer. Most veneers last a very long time with good oral hygiene and proper follow-up care. Whether you'd like to fix one or two damaged teeth or makeover your entire smile, veneers are a fast and effective option for common dental imperfections.

Call our Long Beach Office Today!

For more information about dental veneers and other cosmetic dentistry options, contact our Long Beach office today at (562) 424-8537 to schedule an appointment with Dr. DuRoss.

By Joseph DuRoss, DDS
November 27, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dark stains, gaps, overlapping teeth, chips...they all might make you hesitant to smile or laugh. What can you do to rejuvenate your teeth?cosmetic dentistry Just ask Dr. Joseph DuRoss, your Long Beach, CA cosmetic dentist. He can show you the ways to transform those flaws into a fabulous smile!

Your best smile

Achieving this will be a collaborative effort between you and your dentist. When you come to our Long Beach for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. DuRoss, you'll discuss issues such as:

  • Tooth alignment
  • Dental stains
  • Acquired defects such as cracks
  • Odd tooth shape and size
  • Obvious metal fillings
  • Missing teeth

Then, depending on your preferences, health needs, budget, and other factors, you and Dr. DuRoss will agree upon a treatment plan. You may execute it all at once or progressively with one service at a time. It's up to you!

What Dr. DuRoss offers

  • Composite resin bonding: Termed "an additive process" by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, this treatment adds tooth-colored resin to small flaws such as narrow gaps and small chips. Durable and seamless, composite resin lasts for years and is an economical alternative to more expensive treatments such as crowns and veneers.
  • Orthodontics: A well-aligned smile is both healthy and attractive.
  • Dental implants: These artificial teeth fill smile gaps, improve jaw bone density and mimic natural oral function. Patients report that their implants look and act like real teeth.
  • White fillings and crowns: These restorations shore up decayed or damaged teeth with composite resin (fillings) or realistic porcelain, extending the life and usefulness of selected teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers: These thin tooth-shaped laminates cover the front of teeth that are marred by large chips, deep stains, or other obvious flaws. Realistic and durable, porcelain veneers are a permanent tooth enhancement that will illuminate your smile.

Are you ready for a change?

Investigate what cosmetic dentistry can do for you! Call Dr. Joseph DuRoss's Long Beach, CA office today for an individualized consultation: (562) 424-8537.

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