How Dental Fillings Restore Decaying Teeth

Discover why it’s so important to have a cavity treated as soon as possible.

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that people face and unfortunately once it has happened there is no way to dental fillingreverse it. That’s why your Long Beach dentist Dr. Joseph DuRoss will most likely recommend that you get a dental filling to restore your tooth.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is used to treat a cavity-ridden tooth. When cavities form on a tooth they leave behind small holes. If caught soon enough your Long Beach general dentist can often remove the decay and fill the tooth with a dental filling to restore the tooth back to its full function and appearance.

Are there different kinds of fillings?

There are different dental filing materials to choose from and they all offer their own unique benefits. Dental fillings can be made from metal amalgam like silver. These metal fillings are most often used on molars, because these fillings are strong and can withstand the strong chewing forces that are placed on back teeth.

However, most patients opt for the tooth-colored resin fillings because they are able to blend seamlessly with the tooth so no one will even know you have a filling. While not quite as strong as metal fillings they are still durable and great for teeth that are visible when you smile.

How are fillings placed?

Once we have drilled out the decayed portions of the tooth then it’s time to start rebuilding it. The dental resin is applied (usually in layers), shaped and then hardened. Then another layer of resin is applied and hardened until the tooth’s shape is completely restored.

Once your filling is placed we will also talk to you about instructions for how to care for your new filling and any changes to your oral routine that you may need to make to ensure that your mouth stays healthy.

A dental filling is a common treatment and is a great way to prevent tooth decay from getting worse. Of course, the best way to spot a cavity is to visit us every six-months for routine care. If it’s time for your biannual cleaning than call our Long Beach, CA dental office today.

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